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Too many people think email marketing is as easy as getting a list, writing an email, and sending the email to the list. They’re wrong. The truth is, email marketing is hard. But improving your email copywriting is not--when you take this class and learn what I have to share. For less than the cost of dinner out, you will learn sales email tips that will make back the tiny cost of the class in just one successful email.
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Not a copywriter? Not a problem!

This class is for freelancers, small business owners, marketers and salespeople. In short, anyone writing sales emails without the training to do so should take this course. In only 40 minutes and 8 fast-paced lessons, you'll learn:

  • The three biggest mistakes to avoid

  • 10 tips for effective sales emails

  • How to write subject lines that get opens

  • And how to write calls to action that get clicks

Email Copywriting 101 Lessons

Here's what this class covers...

  • 1


  • 2

    Lesson 1

    • Mistake 1 Not Knowing Your Email's Goal

    • Mistake 2 Not Knowing Your Audience

    • Mistake 3 Ignoring Any of the 3 Parts of the Email

  • 3

    Lesson 2 and the Wrap Up

    • 10 Tips for Writing Effective Emails

    • Improve Your Subject Lines and Calls to Action

    • Review and Ways to Keep Learning

Meet your instructor

Why Sharon is the one you want to learn from

Instructor, BetterFasterWriter.com

Sharon Ernst

Sharon spent 20 years working as a freelance copywriter before starting BetterFasterWriter.com to help people be better, faster writers at work. She takes her two decades of experience in writing persuasive copy (as quickly as possible) and applies those techniques to everyday business and marketing writing, so her students learn to not only write better and faster, but more persuasively too. The result? Her students transform their writing at work from a chore to a cinch as they make their writing their superpower!

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