Take your sales and marketing emails to the next level

Email’s a great marketing tool, right? Cheap and easy to do. But here’s the thing: Only about 20% of sales emails are opened and only 3% of those get clicks. And that’s why your email copywriting has to be better! It has to get people to open and to click. Even if you think you’re getting okay results, take this class and discover how you can make small changes for big impacts.

What you'll learn...

This class is for marketers, salespeople, small business owners, freelancers, and junior copywriters—I made this class for you. I worked as a freelance copywriter for 20 years. I wrote lots of marketing emails! And I teach you almost everything I learned in this one class with 19 specific ways to improve, and lots of examples to show you how these tips work. After taking this class, you’ll write emails that:

  • Get people’s attention

  • Speak to their needs

  • Are eagerly anticipated

  • Improve your deliverability

  • Increase your open and click-through rates

  • Make you an email marketing rockstar

Intermediate Email Copywriting

Here's what this in-depth course covers...

    1. Intermediate Email Copywriting Introduction

    2. Intermediate Email Copywriting course guide

    1. Lesson 1 Why This Matters

    1. Lesson 2 Introduction

    2. Focus on the From Name

    3. Select a Savvy Subject Line

    4. Pick Some Preview Text

    1. Lesson 3 Introduction

    2. Strive for Above Average Content

    3. Start With Your Customer

    4. Use You

    5. Write to One Person

    6. Be Helpful

    1. Lesson 4 Introduction

    2. Be Real

    3. Use Emotion

    4. Show Empathy

    5. Create a Mental Image

    1. Lesson 5 Introduction

    2. Be Specific

    3. Tighten Your Text

About this course

  • $24.99
  • 30 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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4 star rating

Great tips, to the point!

Shane D Rozario

The course for great, it was in a very easy-flowing tone, and the points delivered were to notch.

The course for great, it was in a very easy-flowing tone, and the points delivered were to notch.

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star rating

Meet your instructor

Why Sharon is the one you want to learn from

Instructor, BetterFasterWriter.com Sharon Ernst

Sharon spent 20 years working as a freelance copywriter before starting BetterFasterWriter.com to help people be better, faster writers at work. She takes her two decades of experience in writing persuasive copy (as quickly as possible) and applies those techniques to everyday business and marketing writing, so her students learn to not only write better and faster, but more persuasively too. The result? Her students transform their writing at work from a chore to a cinch as they make their writing their superpower!

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